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Product name : DMX512 LED Light up Fiber Optic Alien suit
Product No. : TC-0193
Light Color : Full color
Size : customized
Control Way : Remote
Optional Battery : TC-P10
Optional Controller : SD card controller or Wireless DMX512 programmable controller
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DMX512 LED Light up Fiber Optic Alien suit
This DMX512 LED Light up Fiber Optic Alien suit is Created & Made in our Changsha Tianchuang LED clothes Factory, it is  perfect for entertaining crowds and dancing shows at night clubs and night parties.The costume use Tianchuang patented ultra bright LED strip, and elastic breathable fabric, and powered by 10000mAh rechargeable batterie that lasts approximately 4-6 hours of continuous usage.Each digital LED lamp ( or Each part) can be controlled separately, by our SD card controller or 2.4G Wireless DMX512 sender & receiver.
LED Light up fiber optic dance jumpsuits
1. 1 set fiber optic costumes
2. LED Mask
3. LED Gloves
4. Some spare parts & simple tools.
Separate order parts, 
1. TC-P01 10000 rechargeable Li-on Battery (need 1pcs) or TC-P10 rechargeable Li-on Battery (need 1pcs)
2. Controller
Optional control way:
1. Remote. RF radio frequency wireless control, the maximum distance 15M.
2. Synchronous plug-in SD card controller, no time error, can programe each LED lamp on costumes, use Adobe Flash software and our LightEdit software, you can  make hundreds of, even thouands of different effects. If you want Super synchronous effect, please choose this one.
3. DMX512. 2.4G Wireless dmx transmitter & receiver. 
The costume can be controlled from PC software & DMX512 controller by our 2.4G DMX512 Wireless controller.
Our luminous costumes special features as below:   
1.Exclusive custom, hand-welded LED strip as light source, so the costumes can be arbitrary fold,no any limit to the usage scene, the led strip can't be broken easily. 
2.Each led lamp can be controlled alone by our costume dedicated Synchronous plug-in SD card controller. 
3.International standard DMX512 control mode (customizable) 
4.The fabrics is soft, comfortable, and breathable. 
5.Totally hand-made, exquisite workmanship, durable. 

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